Speed Agility Training

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The Speed, Agility, Power and Reaction Enhancement Program
We emphasize just how important technique, body mechanics, and body control (coordination) and balance is for increasing speed. This program primarily works on administering various speed, agility and reaction drills to improve stride frequency, stride length and body control. These drills vary in distance, speed, movement, frequency, cadence, and sensory activation.

Every time a new movement is introduced to the body, the Central Nervous System creates a new pathway to send the electrical impulse (stimulus) to contract the muscles to do work. The more we repeat this new movement, the new neurological pathway becomes more efficient and a smoother, faster reaction occurs and speed and body control improves. Thus, the athlete is ready for any movement, at any speed (acceleration and deceleration) and in any direction, which is extremely important for increased stability which helps in decreasing a potential injury.

We incorporate various modalities to enhance quality and variety into the program. Pro Sports and Fitness prides themselves on being very creative and innovative towards their program design. This very unique system implements bands, cords, trampolines, speed chutes, plyometric boxes, weighted vests, and dumbbells, phases of Olympic lifting and Pro Sports and Fitness’s classic Reaction Coach Device.

2 times a week

3 times a week

  • $12.50/session

  • Total: $300

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