Mobile Gym

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Come step inside the largest mobile training facility in South Florida. Our mobile gym allows you to train at your home, office, or even at the playing field. We take the excuses out of training. Just think; you no longer have to drive anywhere. Period! No more dropping off or picking up the kids. Private training comes to you! No more people looking at you when you train! There are no membership dues and no more waiting in lines.

This mobile gym is a 210 square foot air conditioned, fully equipped, training facility on wheels. The team at Pro Sports and Fitness has chosen the latest, “state of the art” training equipment to accommodate the needs of their clients. You can listen to your own music on our home theatre surround sound system to help you enjoy your workout. This gym has more than enough equipment just waiting for you. You will be able to use our Pro Spot Fitness hand sensor “grab and go” technology, Free Motion Fitness Cable Machine, Powernetics Multi-Purpose Squat Machine, TRX, resistance bands, slide boards, stability balls, medicine balls, bosu balls, dyna discs, airex pads and cardio/plyometric boxes. This gym even has a treadmill and over 2,000 lbs. of rubberized Olympic weights, dumbbells and kettle bells.

Programs are customized according to individual’s needs and goals.

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6 Person

  • $30/Each Person Per Session

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