Sports Specific Training


The Sports Specific Program is a very detailed program emphasizing the specificity of the sport and position. We have analyzed in detail the number of times an athlete performs a specific movement, what muscles are needed to perform this movement, what muscles are responsible for stabilizing this movement (injury prevention), how fast the movement needs to be performed, the amount of rest between movements, the position on the playing field when the movement occurs and, lastly, what caused the movement (reaction). We put all this information together and design a sport-specific, position-specific strength and conditioning program. We now have the knowledge to help better prepare the athlete for competition not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

We design a strength and conditioning program based on our needs analysis to make this routine completely sport and position-specific. On competition days, the Athlete knows he or she is in terrific shape and feels confident, strong, more durable and faster and is ready for his or her competition.

We administer a battery of tests, starting with Anthropometric testing (body fat and circumference measurements), Functional Movement Screen Test, Speed, Agility, Strength, Power, and Flexibility. We also provide individualized nutritional education to make sure the athlete follows a proper diet to sustain high energy levels necessary to perform the workouts and to make a full recovery after and between workouts.

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